Friday, March 14, 2014

Walla patta seed germination trials - A success after many attempts

After two unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Upul Subasinghe and his team managed to germinate Walla patta seeds under the nursery conditions. The initial attempts were failed due to the use of poor quality seeds collected from the mother trees and medium used which was not very much supportive for the germination of the seeds. Although still the germination rate is below 10%, the last attempt was considered as successful because these results lead to the next set of trials of germination rate enhancement. The germinated seedlings were transferred to the poly-pots of seedling medium and were kept inside the nursery. With the upcoming rains, those seedlings will be used for plantation established and different planting models will be tested in those trials.

The following pictures show the germination beds and the seedlings raised. 


  1. Before planting new trees start protecting the trees that are already grown..

  2. Dear Doctor,

    When are you planning to sell the plants commercially? Please let us know thru this site. I think, a lot of people are waiting to buy the plants.

    I Love Nature

  3. pls sir ,keep inform us through this.we want to buy this plant