Friday, September 13, 2013

Taking Walla patta to the international communinty

Dr. Upul Subasinghe and his research team managed to take Walla patta (Gyrinops walla) to the international community through some scientific publications on the research findings. Up to now, two full papers were published in two reputed scientific journals and those can be viewed by the following links.

1. Title: "Agarwood type resin from Gyrinops walla: A new discovery"

2. Title "Agarwood resin production and resin quality of Gyrinops walla"

In addition to that Dr. Subasinghe presented a paper on "Agarwood resin production of Gyrinops walla" at the International Scientific Symposium held in the University Putra Malaysia from 4 to 7 September 2013. The abstract of that presentation is given below.

Gyrinops walla, a member of the agarwood family Thymelaeaceae is recorded in the wet zone of Sri Lanka has not been previously studied to identify its ability of producing agarwood. Therefore the present study was the first ever to conduct to identify the production of agarwood resins in G. walla and its resin quality.

Three distinctive areas of the low country wet zone of Sri Lanka were selected for this study and 22 G. walla trees were used for sample collection. Since there were no artificial resin induction methods applied earlier, all selected trees had natural wounds occurred sometime before the sample collection due to natural injuries. The dark coloured tissues of the affected areas were collected without felling the trees and the resins were extracted by a solvent extraction method. The diameter and height of the sampled trees were measured and the geographical positions were also recorded. The extracted resins were further analysed by using gas chromatography technique to identify the different compounds and to compare those compounds with that of selected Aquilaria species.

Dr. Subasinghe presenting his research findings at the Malaysian Symposium


  1. May I get the full paper titled "Agarwood resin production and resin quality of Gyrinops walla Gaertn"

    Thanks and regards

  2. First of all this agarwood, (oud) is a blessing of God (Allah) to mankind, from Heaven. Aquilaria is almost available in other asian countries. But Walla patta is available only in our country. You know why? Because the Adam's peak is in our country. When the First man Adam was send to earth from heaven. He have worn dress made of this walla patta plant and branches. That is why this is very blessed tree. But I see you are wasting the whole trees thinking only the black agarwood is worth and throwing all the pale heartwood. Its really a wastage... Agarwood have been mention in the 3 Holy Religions. Such as Judaism, Christianity, And Islam. Think about it....!!!