Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dr. Upul Subasinghe was awarded SLR 11.6 million to conduct further research on Walla patta

Under the Public-Private-Partnership Programme of the National Research Council (NRC) of Sri Lanka, it has awarded SLR 11.6 million Dr. Upul Subasinghe for conducting further research on Walla patta (Gyrinops walla). Sadaharitha Plantations Limited jointly funds this three year research programme with the NRC.

The Public-Private-Partnership programme is a result of the budget proposals over the past few years to strengthen the economy by scientific and technological findings. Moreover, the present proposal, which was among the 6 selected ones for funding by the NRC over 60 applications, is in line with the Green Economy concept of the Sri Lanka Government.

It is expected to obtain the following information by conducting the proposed research project .
1. The seed germination methods
2. Most effective agarwood resin induction methods
3. Agarwood quantity and quality variations with tree size, age and climatic conditions
4. Optimum resin extraction methods

The findings will definitely contribute to the national economy of Sri Lanka by providing silvicultrual, chemical and technological information that are required for large and medium scale Walla patta plantation development in the country. In addition, the results will benefit the villagers living in the low country wet zone of Sri Lanka by providing the correct information on planting methods, resin formation and harvesting times of this precious tree currently exploited without having a proper knowledge on its value.

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  1. Cant you provide more information....? Why is this process illegal...? You see they are just cutting the trees and throwing them... I know alot more details about this tree from an Islamic perspective. Not only the Black agarwood is worth... The pale colour heartwood is also useful, but people are throwing and burning it. Its a very big wastage, and lose for the country. I want you to any how reply me Mr. Upul Subasinghe...!